St. Michael´s church

Classicistic parish church of St. Michael Archangel was built in the years 1773 – 1780 by the Esterházy family after the great fire of the town  on the site  of a  destroyed old church. In 1808 it burnt down again, and during its renovation in the year 1831 a wooden bellhouse was built next to it due to lack of funds to construct a tower. Eastern facade of the church along with 2 towers were built in 1902.

It is  a single-aisled longitudinal church with a rectangular presbytery, with  sacristies on both sides and over the main pediment front there is a built on double-tower superstructure. On the straight pediment between the towers there is a statue of St. Ladislaus.

The classicist altar  built in  1793 has an illusive peristylar architecture, symmetrically disposed sculptures and a picture of St. Michael Archangel painted in compliance with the artwork by Guido Reni. Lateral altars  of  Pieta and St. John of Nepomuk are also classicistic, they come from the end of the 18th century. Remarkable carved late-Baroque wooden benches from the middle of the 18th century show scenes from St. Francis´s life. The classicist epitaph of the Esterházy family with a plastic family coat of arms and inscription dates from the year 1786.

Address:  Sv. Michala street No. 43,  Levice