Tekovian observatory

Tekovian observatory

Tekovian observatory is seated in Levice that lies in a wide and flat valley of the Lower Hron on the western bottom of Ipeľ highlands. Its effect relates to an entire area of the region.

Offer of programmes:

1. Lectures for public
2. Sky observation  for public  (Thursday and Friday till 24:00)
3. Observation of interesting astronomical phenomena
4. excursions for kindergardens, elementary and secondary schools.

Planetarium – Starlab

It enables to observe night sky even during the daytime independently of the weather. Whereas it is transportable, it extends possibilities of its availability for general public. Tekovian observatory in Levice brings you a transportable planetarium STARLAB right to you, for example to your school. Along with the planetarium we also bring lavish lectures, either in the planetarium or presentation through dataprojector, literature and other interesting information.

Apart from showing the artificial night sky we can also offer you short thematic lectures along with both projection and chat, which end during favourable weather by observation of the sun or the night sky through mobile telescopes.

Planetarium STARLAB is: Unique in  the Central  Europe.

Projection of the night sky also by the day regardless of cloudiness.

Projection of stars, constellations, Greek mythology, Sollar system , Galaxies meteorology , coordinate systems can be installed directly in your  place (at school, culture house, …);

Minimal dimensions of the room : 9x8m, height 4m.
Capacity: 20 people
Accompanying events.
Lectures  linked with projection of pictures.
Observation through portable telescopes.

Address: Sokolovská street  No. 21, Levice

Tel.: +421 36 6312 166

Email: hvezdaren@hvezdarenlevice.sk


Coordinates : 48°12’19″N, 18°35’32″E