Sport Facilities Administration Levice

Sport Facilities Administration is an allowance organization which assists to develop physical culture and sports on the ground of interests and needs of Levice citizens.


Ice – hockey ground: 60 x 30 m
Capacity: 2400 seats
9 dressing rooms + sanitary facilities
Operation: seasonal (July – March)



Swimming pool: 25 x 12,5 m (5 swim lanes)
Paddling pool: 6 x 9 m
Male dressing rooms, female dressing rooms, team dressing rooms, drying room, showers, toilets
Operation: year-long
There is  Presso (coffee bar), fitness centre, sauna + sauna basin, solarium massages, hairdresser´s.
In summer season it is possible to use an outdoor terrace equipped with deckchairs, entry is possible directly from the swimming pools. It is possible to book swimming pools or individual swim lanes.



Football fields: 3 grassy
Capacity: 800 seats – tribune, 7000 standees – walkways
New building of the football stadium : 
2 dressing rooms, sauna, small pool, sanitary facilities, general public room, rest room, offices.
Old building: 
8 dressing rooms, small pool, sanitary facilities
Operation: seasonal



Football field 
2 dressing rooms + sanitary facilities
Operation: seasonal



Utilization: basketball, volleyball, minifutball, hanball
Capacity: 2000 persons, out of those 1500 seats
8 dressing rooms with showers + sanitary facilities
Operation: seasonal
Possibilty to organise cultural – social events ( concerts of music bands etc.)
Sport hall is a very attractive area to organise sport training camps or big events due to its location within municipal sport complex. It has parameters to organise sport  events on an international level with possibility of liveTV broadcast.


Gym  T – 18

Utilization: Tennis, voleyball, minifooball, physical training for schools
3 dressing rooms  + sanitary facilities
Operation: seasonal

Dom športu 

Utilization: basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, bedminton
Capacity: 250 standees
5 dressing rooms  + sanitary facilities
Operation: year – long



Sauna for 4 – 6 persons
Whirlpool bath for arms 
Whirlpool bath for legs 
Whole – body whirlpool bath
Beachcomber hot massage tub for 4 – 6 persons
Massage bench for classical massage 
Rest room with deckchairs
Capacity of the entire  regenerative – relax centre is  15 persons
Operation: year – long

Operation of regenerative – relax centre in the Sport hall in Levice is focused on provision of services to citizens and sport clubs in the field of regeneration. It is equipped with top level appliances that guarantee high – quality services. Operation of the appliances is performed  by professionally trained staff. In case of interest there is a possibility to book the complete centre.

Sauna with SANÁRIUM  make possible 5  various forms of sauna. By means of patented climate control it is possible to select among high temperatures at low air humidity and low temperatures at higher air humidity at guests´ pleasure.