Schoeller´s mill

The mill was erected in the years 1879 – 1882 on the site of an old stone mill from the times of the Esterházy family. A new mill burnt down in 1889, however, it was rebuilt and became the biggest industrial object in the surrounding. In 1900 originally the water mill was redesigned to steam drive. As fuel mineral oil was used, later due to higher power demands an additional electric line was pulled from the municipal power plant there, and finally the mill was connected to electric grid of  the  Central Slovak power plant in the year 1928. Reconstruction of the mill was carried out by Bárdos & Brachfeld firm in the years 1926 – 1927. Within the scope of works they  built 4 – storey silo for longer storage of grain to preserve its quality. The mill employed approximately 80 people and processed 2 300 railway carriages annually.

Address: Mlynská  street No.1, Levice