Knapp´s house

Knapp´s house is ranked among the buildings which form the Square of Hero´s. It is an Art Nouveau building that was erected by a wealthy Jewish Knapp family in the years 1905 and 1906 on the site of a single-storey house of the Maithényi family. David Knapp was dealing with the sale of agricultural machines, he was also an authorized representative  of Lincoln car brand, he was selling Ford cars, tractors, sewing machines and saws of Hofher and Schrantz & Bächer brand as well. On the house´s ridge of a roof a huge inscription along with both the name of the owner and cogwheel soared on the framework. Living quarter of the house was situated on the first floor, downstairs there was some workspace.

Currently there is the Golden Eagle Hotel.

Address:  Námestie hrdinov (Square of Heroes) No. 12, 934 01 Levice