Tekovian museum

Tekovian Museum

Tekovian Museum

The Tekovian Museum was established  in 1927 thanks to Joseph Nécsey who donated his extensive collection of archeological finds from around Vráble and Lower Požitavie, ethnographical  articles of the northern part of the Tekovian district and the surroundings of  Zvolen, paintings, family archive and books, which Regional office for museums and  libraries in Budapest had been eminently  interested in that time as well.

The first seat of the museum was the 2nd floor of the Town Hall, where the first curator, Jenő Kriek – professor of the Teacher´s  training college in Levice, installed the first exposition called „Nécsey´s room“ within a year period. The valuable collection gradually extended due to donations from citizens, schools and various institutions throughout the following years. The main assets for the museum at that time were collections of the former  Piaristic grammar school as well as collections of  Koloman Kittenberger (a native of Levice), a famous traveller and adventurer. Development of the museum was slowed down by death of the first musem curator in 1940 and occupation of Levice by Hungarian troops. During the WW2 period it came to a severe damage and stealing of some parts of the collection.

 In the Tekovian museum you can see a permanent  exposition of :

Archeology , History of the castle, History of pharmacy, Social life, Guilds, Ladislav Bielik – August 1968, Folk garments. Since the 1970s the museum has branched out with expositions  of  unique rock dwellings in Brhlovce village and a water mill in Bohunice. In the Tekovian musuem you can also see various expositions in compliance with an actual offer, you can experience classical music concerts or different kinds of lectures. Moreover, the museum organizes various events, such as Night of museums and galleries and  Week in the museum and others…

More on: www.muzeumlevice.sk

Address : Sv. Michal street No. 40, Levice

Telephone: +421 (0)36 6312 112, +421 (0)36 6312 866

N 48.2212333 48°13.274′  48°13’16”
E 18.6020166°    18°36.121′    18°36’7″

N  48.2147°           48°12.882′     48°12’52”
E  18.7376833°    18°44.261′     18°44’15”

N 48.34925°         48°20.955′    48°20’57”
E 18.7496166°    18°44.977′    18°44’58”

TheTekovian Museum  is in the area of  Levice castle.