Museum and roustic houses in Tekov region

The Municipal museum and memorial room of Franz Schubert in Želiezovce

Contact :
The Municipal museum and Memorial room of Franz Schubert
Schubertova street 16 , 93701 Želiezovce
Telephone: +421 915 712 839  ,  +421 915 712 839

Rustic house in  Starý Tekov

Rustic house in the village. 

In 2014 Starý Tekov village opened a permanent exposition of the traditional rustical house in Tekovská street. Interior of the house consists of 3 rooms – a front and back one and a kitchen. It is furnished with  furniture and objects donated by residents of the village from their private family collections. Everything in the house pulsates with history, which reflects work, modesty and skilfullness of people in past.

Visit of the Rustical house is possible by  mutual agreement. In case of interest in  visitation of the Rustical house contact the local cultural centre in Starý Tekov.


Cultural centre of Starý Tekov

Phone.: +421 36 6311 020

„Pottery in Pukanec“

Rustic – art  production

Museum – Address: 
Štiavnická cesta 83, Pukanec
Visit is possible by  mutual agreement.
Telephone:   Mr Tomáš Frank  –  +421 915 788 676

Rustic house „NA  TEPLICI“  in Rybník                       

In case of interest in  visitation it is necessry to contact an administrator Ms Bajanová beforehand on : +421 902 284 316

„Country house“ in Tekovský Hrádok

Open – air museum of Eszter Néveri family is possible to visit after mutual agreement .

Telephone.: +421 908 683 424

„HOUSE  OF  COMBAT   GLORY“   in  Kalná nad  Hronom

Exposition is devoted to history of war-time events that ocurred on the Lower Pohronie from the oldest times until the end of WW2. Museum pieces, that are placed in the space of the House of Combat Glory, document the development of armament and development of military weaponry beginning in early Stone age.

Areal and 3 D materials commemorate war-time events that ocurred in this area.

Monday: closed
Tuesday- Sunday: 14:00 – 18:00
In case of  interest (min. 4 persons) beyond opening hours call: +421 917 379 989

The Historic museum of WW1 and WW2 in  Pohronský Ruskov

Extraordinary private collection of combat vehicles, cannons, hand weapons, helmets, badges of honour, documents and objects having been used during both WW1 and WW2 made accessible to public in the way of spacious exposition. Lives of soldiers, destinies of  common people are presented not only  in the form of panopticum but  through combat scenes as well. Length of the museum visitation is approximately 120 minutes. The museum is opened after a previous phone call.

Address:  Kolónia street 17, Pohronský Ruskov
Contact: +421 949 200 156
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The Rustic museum in  Šárovce

In 2005 by means of pre- accession SAPARD fund a historic municipal house was reconstructed into tje rural museum which interlocks abundant history of the village, and in its renovated space it offers an exposition of ethnology and archeology. Visitation is possible after mutual agreement.

Contact:  Municipal office Šárovce
Telephone  +421 36 77 92 024 , +421 36 77 92 056, +421 36 77 20 650

The Rural museum in Farná – permanent exhibition of folk culture

Museum provides a constant exhibition of folk culture, presents the way of life, house furnishing, traditions, customs and folk costumes at the beginning of the previous century in Farná village. The museum is opened after agreement on weekdays.

Telephone: 036 773 42 36

Rustic house  ,,DUBA TÁJHÁZ“ in Jur nad Hronom

Museum exposition is  in an original farm house. Visitation is possible after mutual agreement.

Telephone: +421 949 549 015